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Large salad/pasta pots at The Plough
 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham


Communion Set (lettered "Shed for you" and "Broken for you") in use

(See more photos of Merryn's pots below)

My pots are wheel-thrown and well designed for domestic use. I make up my own glazes from raw materials, producing soft greens, blues, oranges and tans, through to rich browns, dark velvet blues and blacks. The pots are “biscuit” fired in an electric kiln and then glazed in a gas kiln with a reduced atmosphere up to 1280ºC. 

The stoneware range consists mainly of mugs, jugs, plates, dishes, bowls, teapots, casseroles, vases and garden pots. 

My large lettered platters are individually designed for commemorative occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and retirements. I have featured on wedding lists too.

My porcelain pots include delicate cups, rice bowls, trinket boxes, communion sets and carved decorated plates. They are all glazed with white or various shades of celadon, from the palest blue to olive green.

For some years I have been making communion sets - chalice and paten and also ciborium - for private individuals, for churches and for a whole Diocese. They are varied in design, from delicate simple porcelain to robust stoneware and some have been lettered for individual requirements. Click here for photos.

My pots are in private collections and churches countrywide in Britain and also abroad: in America, Australia, New Zealand, Albania, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Germany.

My stoneware pots are unashamedly traditional with a strong Leach  influence.
I like to think that everything I make is to last but I hope that the pots are reasonable enough in price to use constantly and, in the event of a breakage, can be replaced. My pots need to be used. Knowing that a teapot was destined for display only, I made tea in it before it was sold - it had at least lived once!

The domestic stoneware range is suitable for oven, microwave and dishwasher.

As from 31 December 2016 I have ceased trading. 


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